I’m a composer living in Northumberland with strong links to New Zealand where lots of my music is performed, and Yorkshire, where lots of my workshops take place these days.Cheryl

I compose music inspired by landscapes, historical and geographical events and phenomena, road signs, letters of the alphabet, bananas, umbrellas, art works, and an eclectic assortment of other fixations.

I compose music in a variety of styles according to conditions, but always try to challenge the ears and musical abilities of the performers a little with rhythmic intricacies, melodic quirks or timbral idiosyncrasies.

I compose music for a wide range of musical ensembles with a wide range of musical confidence and abilities. It is my particular delight to tailor the music I compose to the specific peculiarities of those asking me for something new and distinctive.

I sing in choirs too, and play a selection of different instruments, and have an expressive face!!

hurrah blow louder about to...something

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