Autumn Sounds

Here’s another Autumn/Harvest assembly-suitable poem I wrote with a Year 2 class once. They recited the poem  and made up music to go with each line. The class was divided into groups – each group worked on one line only.

Autumn Sounds

P-p-p-p rustled the crackling leaves as they fell.

Mkla-mkla-mkla-mkla crunched the bumping apples when they were ripe.

Dmp dmp dmp dmp  chattered the shiny conkers in the plastic bag.

cragside autumn leaves

Crr crr crr crr crinkled the crumpled flowers when they died.

Brr brr brr brr  shivered the sunny cold when the wind whistled.

Swsh swsh swsh  swsh swayed the trees when the scarf whirled.

T-t-t-t pattled the tattly seeds as they burst from the pods.

H-h-h-h panted the coated dogs when they walked on the leaves.


Cheryl Camm

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