5th April ruffly robin

Jumping Through Hoops: April 2020

As April begins we are all in isolation and who knows when we’ll be able to meet up again for music-making and the like. I am attempting to keep up the spirits of my choir with daily messages and musical projects, and hopefully I’ll compose something too!!!

bullfinch feb header

February 2020 – Bullfinch Morning

Fen=bruary starts with me just having completed the melody and lyrics for my new song Billfinch Morning. It will be premiered on 19th, so I must start the month by completing the arrangement for band and choir, and finish it having hopefully engineered an excellent performance!

twelve of the best mixed voices featured image

Twelve Of The Best: Songs for Mixed Voices

Twelve songs from what is a huge category of my choral music: I’ve gone with the most successful so far – songs that have been performed multiple times by multiple choirs or songs that have received the most positive feedback from singers and listeners.

twelve of the best high voices featured image

Twelve Of The Best: Songs For High Voices

There are so many more than twelve quality songs for high voices in my catalogue of choral pieces, that this has been the hardest of all these “Twelve Of The Best” lists to select, but I have picked out the most popular in terms of performances and listeners.

twelve of the best visual arts featured image

Twelve Of The Best: Songs Inspired by Visual Arts

It has been my delight and privilege to frequently work with visual arts as a composer, most notably in recent years, at the Hepworth Wakefield in “Musical Sculptures” workshops. Art works have inspired composing both by myself and by those attending the workshops. Here are twelve of the best – most performed, most popular, my […]