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Graphic Scores – Aids to Listening

I often find it a delicate task to encourage youngsters to listen to what is considered by some, strenuous or exotic music. I like to lead them though this thorny endeavour with something that is perhaps more familiar to them. One such technique is the use of graphic scores.

inspiration cards 006

Graphic Scores – Inspiration Cards

Inspiration Cards: These are brightly-hued cards with some sort of brightly-hued swirl of an image intended to inspire brightly-hued, fantastical musical ideas to come flooding from their brains to the instruments they’re holding.

big sing programme

Big Sing Finale, Dunedin, August 2013

What’s the Big Sing Finale in Dunedin all about, then? It’s about 23 of the best young choirs in New Zealand coming together for one big three-day-long fiesta of showing each other what they’re chorally made of …..

cragside autumn leaves

Autumn Sounds

Here’s another Autumn/Harvest assembly-suitable poem I wrote with a Year 2 class once. They recited the poem and made up music to go with each line.

alium seeds

Autumn Orchestra

I’ve been asked a few times by colleagues and others to provide ideas for Harvest or Autumn assemblies. Here’s one of my favourites.

Cheryl holding sticks aloft

Lupset Tuesdays

Off I’ve popped every Tuesday for the last 18 months from my riverside, countryside, fireside haven of a house in Northumberland into the urban heart of Yorkshire to spin my yarns of musical exploration with the youngsters of Lupset. Sometimes there’s been flooding on the line, or excessive snow, or a trip to New Zealand […]