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Busy June: Here and There

June is going to busy. There’s composing to do, choirs to conduct, concerts to play and sing in, visitors from home and abroad to entertain, house renovations to endure, family birthdays to celebrate…I’d best get cracking then…


Musical Digestive System

“Why not take a music journey through the digestive system?” I once asked myself when, confronted with a year 4 class whose teacher wanted them to learn about food and nutrition in my music lessons. The digestive processes lend themselves readily to replication in musical composition, after all!

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Lungs And Breathing

Another science and music unit. This one started with what is now the ending – a request by a Year 1 class teacher to help with a musical presentation for Book Week on the theme of Visions Of the Future. I then developed the science aspect for future use.


Seeds Grow Into Plants

When asked to design some musical ideas to help with the study of flowering plants for some 9-10 year olds, I composed a song and then went to town with a complete unit of work using science and music curricula, with a bit of art and dance thrown in for good measure.

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February Music Stories

Musical things I know are coming up in February mostly involve choirs. Keep up to date with these and all the musical surprises that are bound to show up right here every day!