Fiery Rituals

Slide3A listening and moving activity inspired by de Falla’s Ritual Fire Dance.

Fire Dance

  • Dance Warm-ups:
    1. Shaking – shake different parts of body (fingers, hands, arms, one arm, shoulders, feet, knees, heads – careful not too vigorous, bottoms, whole body), and move them to different heights (high, middle, low) and in different directions (right, left, front, back, circles) and combinations;
    2. Using scarves – make shapes with scarves – long, round, zig-zags.
    3. Play game with scarf – in circle, holder of scarf crosses circle to another making interesting shapes with scarf and body, hands to another and sits down. When everyone’s had a go game ends.Slide2
    4. Pathways – class into groups of 5 or 6. Move around space in interesting pathways – all must imitate the leader and move as one. They mustn’t bump into other groups. Remember to use different heights and directions and use all parts of body in dance.
    5. Slide1Interesting shapes – music plays while students dance in groups of four or five around the room using the ideas we’ve warmed up with so far. When the music stops they make an interesting shape and freeze – high/middle/low; sticking out in different directions.


  • The music for “Ritual Fire Dance has three types of music: Shaking; Tune 1; Tune 2. Our dance is going to have three different groups representing each type of music: Shaking; Dancing with Fire; Travelling.
  • The scarves and ribbons (the fire) will be only with the “Dancing With Fire” group.


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