Four Seasons Theme Cards

playing cards (8)Games to play with these Four Seasons Theme Cards which will help you learn all the main themes in Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and also help you navigate your way around the scores.

Behind the link above are thirteen themes from each of the four concerti. You’ll need to print the sheets off onto card, make a Vivaldi design for the back and then you’re set to use the theme cards in several ways:


playing cards (5)Theme Bingo

  • Each person selects ten cards from the pack.
  • The caller plays themes randomly
  • If the player hears and recognises a theme from his/her selection, s/he turns that card face down.
  • Once all ten cards are turned over, “Bingo!” is called.
  • The alleged winning dectet is checked.
  • If all themes were spotted correctly one jelly bean is awarded.
  • If any theme is incorrect the game proceeds without that player.


playing cards (4)Description Concentration

  • Here’s a brief description of a theme from the cards. Which one is it?
  1. Lively.
  2. In F major
  3. Uses only the notes of the F major arpeggio.
  • Divide the Theme Cards evenly amongst the members of your class.
  • Each person writes a brief description of each of their themes onto “Description Cards”.
  • Then mix up the Description Cards and deal them out again.
  • Mix up the Theme Cards and spread them out in front of the class.
  • Each person must find themes to match the Description Cards they have.


playing cards (7)A Smorgasbord Of Theme Card Games

  • Play Who can find where the themes are from in the score first?


  • playing cards (1)Then play Put the themes in the correct order without looking at the score.


  • Learn to play the themes.
  • Play Which theme am I playing now?
  • Or Find the theme I’m playing now.
  • playing cards (6)Or Put the themes in the order I’m playing them.


  • Make at least two of each card.
  • Play Snap.


  • playing cards (7)Think up your own game to play with the Theme Cards.
  • The game should test your knowledge of the themes on the cards, or your ability to recognise themes from the set work.



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