Carnival Of Colours

Working with teachers and children (R-6) to create a carnival extravaganza based around the theme of a rainbow, colours and different cultures. The school had few musical resources so the emphasis was on home-made instruments and found sounds. The final performances consisted of a street parade in samba rhythms followed by year group performances based on a distinctive country and using creative music ideas. The focus classes wrote a “rainbow” story and composed incidental music based on six gifts from the other groups (two short rhythms, a sea shell, a dragon, a Maori pendant, and a banana). They came up with “Bob, the Rainbow-Breathing Dragon”, and their performance rounded off the carnival afternoon.

Penny Brereton, Creative Agent wrote: “The children had all enjoyed the project, they found it challenging and welcomed the opportunity to rise to this. ‘It’s not that we can’t do music, we just don’t do it very often, but we can be good at it.’ They described Cheryl as ‘confident’, ‘funny’, ‘encouraging’, ‘very patient’. They loved what they described as her surprising or eccentric moments. She had clearly made a very positive impression. They had enjoyed her stories and being able to talk to her about their ideas. “

I wrote: “Today was the culmination of an amazing two weeks at Lady Bay Primary School in Nottingham. It was their “Carnival Of Colours” project with multiple colours and countries represented in a parade round the school and along Trent Boulevard at the front, followed by each year group’s performances. This included “Commotion In The Ocean”, Flamenco, Samba, Haka, “Earthquake Chant”, The Sacred Banana Leaf with “Ma-ahoni”, Chinese Dragons and Bob The Rainbow-Breathing Dragon, including the “Pounamu” incantation.”

One of the parents wrote it up in her daily blog that day!

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