Geometric Soundscapes

Every so often a school decides to go to the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield to compose some music in a Geometric Soundscapes session, and Cheryl leads the workshops in energetic style! This happened in October 2013 when the Year 4 class from St. John’s School in Mexborough, South Yorkshire, visited.

They looked carefully at Hepworth’s Crucifixion, found angles and shapes, as well as colour, texture and structure, then composed their own Crucifixion music which was performed upstairs beside the sculpture itself. Then the class split into small groups, selected another geometric sculpture from “The Gift” in Gallery 5 to inspire them, then returned downstairs to the learning studios to compose their own compositions. To finish the workshop, all the small groups returned to Gallery 5 to create a Geometric Soundscape of performances of their pieces.

If your school would like to attend a Geometric Soundscapes workshop at the Hepworth Gallery, book here:

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