Reclining Figure

Cheryl’s Musical Sculptures family drop-in workshops at the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield occur about every 6th weekend, but due to the ever-changing turnaround of art works and exhibitions on display at the gallery, the focus of the workshops is also ever-changing. For the last two sets of workshops in November 2013 and January 2014, Cheryl has included Henry Moore’s dramatic Reclining Figure  which is currently on display in gallery 1 in the set of four workshops on offer each day.

The family participants have described it as shiny, curvy, in four parts, like a bear, slow-moving, metallic, with gaps, blobby, cold, smooth, massive, loud, sleeping…etc etc. Each group has composed appropriate music during the workshops, each of which culminates in a performance for the assembled art observers beside the remarkable sculpture. Here’s one of the larger groups from January’s workshops in the middle of a Mexican Soundwave – we had ten of them in this particular composition, of varying speeds, directions and lengths!

There are more Musical Sculptures workshops in February

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