The Bridge Singers’ festive recitals in 2016 centred around sheepy music and included in their programmes in Longframlington and Felton,  Little Bo-Peep (Hear their performance here), Alison’s K6 Telephone Box (we inserted sheep into the box to make it relevant!) and The Lamb (partnered with Tavener’s setting of the same) , as well as my arrangements of Purcell’s Nymphs and Shepherds, Handel’s He Shall Feed his Flock, folk songs “Sheep Crook and Black Dog” and “We Shepherds Are the Best Of Men.” The creative social secretary of the choir, Hazel, adorned Felton Village Hall with appropriate décor too! The Lamb proved popular with the choir and audience and we will reprise it in our summer recitals which will centre around the windows in the village church.

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