Singing In The Shower

November 10th saw the premiere of a new song “Not the Sort Of Song I Sing In The Shower”, composed in memory of two members of The Bridge Singers who died in 2018. The programme notes for that concert included this: “2018 has been a sad one for The Bridge Singers as two of our founding members, Bob George and Alan Blevins, have died and we would like to honour them in our next song Not The Sort Of Song I Sing In The Shower, composed especially for this occasion. It honours Alan by using his words, “I did remark…that it’s not the sort of song I sing in the shower,” and by the use of a Northumbrian folk tune (Sweet Hesleyside – a mournful tune which is often played at funerals in Northumberland) as an accompaniment. Alan was very proud of being a Northumbrian and always wore Northumbrian tartan for concerts with us. It honours Bob by being in a music hall style and has made a comedy out of one imagined incident of the war. Bob was always the first in rehearsals with a quip or one liner and saw the funny side of most things. He also constantly reminded Cheryl that it was the light-hearted songs that he preferred!”

Here’s a clip of the concert on Nov 10th and some memories of Bob and Alan.

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