Toot Toot Whoosh & Shoosh

Earlier in the year Cheryl was commissioned by the Aln Valley Railway to make an arrangement of their version of Chattanooga Choo Choo with new words about their own railway entitled “The Aln Valley Railway Song”. Their intention was to create a charity CD to help raise funds to assist with the completion of the line from Alnwick to Alnmouth, which is on the East Coast Main Line. The arrangement has since been rehearsed and recorded by local barbershop group Lionheart Harmony with Aln Valley Railway songster Ron Bernstein taking the solo sections. With the expert help of sound engineering supremo Ally Lee of Mill Studios the CD has now been edited and completed and is available from Aln Valley Railway .  The song is to be a featured on Lionheart Radio next week (12th-16th May 2014) so listen in on 107.3fm if you’re in the North Northumberland area! Here’s a snippet of the recording to whet your appetites:

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    Ron Bernstein May 11, 2014 at 7:29 am #

    All support most gratefully appreciated. When you buy the charity CD/DVD pack (CD of A.V.R. song + DVD of the A.V.R. story so far in pictures and video) your money is going directly to help the A.V.R. remake the castle/coast connection and complete the biggest tourist attraction to hit Alnwick since the Alnwick garden and for the benefit the wider Alnwick commercial scene.

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