Wiggle Ping Pop

Way back when the Hepworth Wakefield was first opening Bryony Pritchard and I designed an early years workshop based around appreciating the art works through music and movement. I ran it a couple of times way back then, but Bryony’s skills with that age group far outstrip mine, so I’ve not done it for years. Anyway, Bryony was obviously unavailable in October because I was hired to deliver an hour and a half of energetic musical, arty, merriment to an excited bundle of 3-year olds. I rather enjoyed myself – managed to keep their attention for the full duration, and they seem to have enjoyed it. (This image from the school’s website with the caption “Everyone had a fabulous time!”) I reprised my Wiggle Ping Pop and Zebra Zig Zag songs, we composed with a balloon orchestra, and I played my flute without running out of breath.

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