Worm at the Tyne

The Lambton Worm. We had a musical fight fight fight fight…. and lots of shut up music (Whisht lad haad yer gobs, haad yer mooth, haad yer cake-hole zzzzzipit etc etc) at the Tyne Theatre in Newcastle with children from Gateshead and Gosforth. I was composing this noisy, dramatic stuff while Sandra Kerr did some more tuneful song-writing with movement, then we swapped. This was a University of Newcastle project organised by Jane Nolan, and we had a few of their music undergraduates there too. On a historical note, I might point out that it was a proud moment working on this song in this theatre as this is where the first ever performance of The Lambton Worm was made 150 years ago this year – the Tyne Theatre’s first pantomime.

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