Robert Burns Choral Arrangements

Concert Poster after Naismith

For Burns Night (25th January) 2018, I put together a whole concert of music for The Bridge Singers using poems and songs by Robert Burns. We’re doing it again in 2020. For the 2018 concert we only had a month to learn the music after the Christmas recitals and rehearsal breaks, so variety was the key, with songs being performed by small groups, quartets, soloists and the whole choir as well as two guest ensembles, close harmony group Lionheart Harmony and Recorder Consort, Fingers Adrift. The resulting arrangements vary therefore in forces used and difficulty levels, but all were successful and are presented here for your perusal.

Update January 2020: I’ve added the 2020 new arrangements to the list now!

Click on the blue links to find score samples, programme notes, excerpts from the concert recording and instructions on how to purchase copies of the scores.

Many of these arrangements also have learning tracks for individual choral parts. Contact Cheryl for copies of these.

I’ve listed the songs in order of difficulty, easiest at the top. There are three recorder consort arrangements at the bottom of the list.

Fragment of Burns Memorial Window, St. Giles’ Cathedral, Edinburgh

The Robin Cam To The Wren’s Nest (Unison/Round)

McPherson’s Farewell (TB Choir)

Wha Will Buy My Troggin (SATB Choir)

Ye Banks And Braes (3-part choir – melody, descant, counter-melody)

The Birks Of Aberfeldie (SATB Choir)

Now Westlin Winds (SAT Choir)

A frieze of notable Scottish men at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh

Wandering Willie (SATB Choir)

Ae Fond Kiss (SSATB Choir)

A Man’s A Man For A’ That (SATB Choir)

O My Luve Is Like A Red Red Rose (SSATB Choir)

She’s Fair And Fause (SATB Choir)

Ca’ The Yowes (SSAATTBB Choir)

The Tailor Fell Through The Bed (Unison Singing with Recorder Consort)

Ca’ The Yowes (Recorder Consort)

Rattlin Roarin Willie (Recorder Consort)


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