The Bridge Singers’ Burns Night Singalong 2021

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The Bridge Singers Virtual Singalong, Burns Night 2021

In 2018 and again in 2020, The Bridge Singers had Burns Night Celebration concerts, and tonight (25th January 2021) we’re having a virtual singalong of our twelve favourite Burns songs from these previous two concerts. There will be three poems recited as well, and a dance video. We also may have a visit from a special guest. I’m creating this blog partly so that we can relive the evening later, but also for those choir members who are unable to attend. I shall update the blog with footage from the evening after the event!

Update 26th January – all updates will be in blue – the original blog is in black! Most of the updates are snippets of video from the event itself – usually the end as we do like applause in The Bridge Singers!

1. Westlin Winds – it’s the TTB version on our recording, but sopranos and altos can pick a part and singalong!

2. She’s Fair and Fause

3. Red Red Rose (Camm)

4. The Tay Bridge Disaster by William McGonagall – Poem (Hazel)

An excerpt from the night itself – the ending plus applause

5. The Birks Of Aberfeldie (no solos)

The Birks Of Aberfeldie from a rehearsal in 2018

After we’d finished this song, guests appeared in our Zoom waiting room – it was our Burns Night pals from last year, Richard and Morag Michael from Kirkcaldy. In 2020 they came down to be our guests for the day and Richard performed about half the concert for us. It was so lovely to see them last night – they dropped in for about 15 minutes for a chat and Richard played a selection of Burns tunes on his piano. It was very emotional and extremely special. We feel very honoured that such an exceptional and renowned musician would take time out to join us in our singalong.

Morag and Richard arrive at our singalong to much delight from the choir!
The ending of Richard’s performance and applause!

6. The Lea Rig

Rebekah, Connor, Alison, Jamie and Cheryl in Brinkburn March 2020

7. It Was In Sweet Senegal

New recording: Connor on solo with lots of Jamies and Cheryls
An excerpt from the night itself – ending and applause

8. To A Mouse – Poem (Anne)

An excerpt from the night itself – ending and applause

9. Oh My Luve Is Like A Red, Red Rose (Trad)

10. John Anderson

Recording of The Bridge Singers from St. Paul’s Church, Alnwick, Summer Bus Tour 2018

11. Address to the Haggis – Poem (Shuna)

An excerpt from the night itself – ending and applause

12. A Man’s A Man For A’ That

Recording of The Bridge Singers from St. Michael’s Church, Felton, Summer Bus Tour 2018, complete with much audience spluttering and creaking.
An excerpt from the night itself – ending and applause

13. Ca The Yowes

14. Clog Hornpipe Hazel and Chris Metherell

15. Ae Fond Kiss

16. Auld Lang Syne

Auld Lang Syne from a rehearsal in January 2018

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