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If creative music-making is not your thing, but you want it to be, then what you need is a thrilling, hands-on creative music-making workshop from me!

I’ve been running thrilling composing workshops for youngsters, teachers and family groups for the last 20 years, and have a cheery style, encouragCheryl dramatic stoping practical participation and creative ideas from the group. I will link in to your particular themes and requests, and adapt the content of the workshop to suit your musical needs and wishes and levels of confidence.
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Some recent workshops include:jingly jangly stopcock

  • Musical Weather Myths at the 2013 Grassington Festival : a series of workshops for schools in which KS2 children created from scratch, stories, soundscapes and songs about Yorkshire weather, culminating in a day of further workshops, rehearsal and performance at the festival.
  • Musical Sculptures Family Workshops at the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield: drop-in workshops for families in which art works are explored, then music composed and performed in response to the art works.
  • Composing INSET for primary class teachers: teachers from primary schools requested a set of workshops designed to encourage composing in their classrooms, linking creative music-making to topics and schemes of work in other curriculum areas. Lots of ideas and resources were shared and everyone had a go at some practical activities.
  • The Sad Banana – a morning of numeracy/literacy/ music workshops for Year 1 children and their teachers in which a selection of objects were measured, weighed and categorised, before the objects were amalgamated into a story invented by the children, into which freshly-composed musical and dancing interludes were inserted. The resulting musical story was then rehearsed and performed.

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