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During the lockdowns I did lots of arrangements, mostly for choir, and mostly of folk music, but I also started arranging things through the sheetmusicplus scheme whereby you can arrange music on their comprehensive list, they sell the scores, and I get a teensy royalty. It suits me down to the ground, as I love doing the arrangements, and permission for the use of copyrighted material is there.

You can find Cheryl’s arrangements on sheetmusicplus here:

Here are the arrangements I’ve done so far (in alphabetical order):

59th Street Bridge Song/Feelin’ Groovy. (SATB) It’s a favourite of Simon and Garfunkel.

The Bridge Singers performing 59th Street Bridge Song in Brinkburn Priory as wedding guests were arriving, cheerfully chatting and not really listening!

Days (SATB) A song by The Kinks, arranged for The Bridge Singers and due to be performed by them in summer 2023.

This has been such a popular arrangement for The Bridge Singers. We’ve already performed it on several occasions in 2023 and 2024, including this one at the 2023 Ascension Day Service in Brinkburn Priory.

Do You Hear What I Hear? (brass quintet). It’s the popular Christmas number.

Here’s the computer playing its inner brass quintet.

Englishman In New York (SATB) The Sting song.

Forever Autumn (SATB). It’s Justin Hayward’s song. We have performed this in The Bridge Singers, but the recordings are filled with extraneous clicks and shufflings, so alas, we’ll have to wait until next time!

Going Home (Theme from Local Hero) (SATB) a reflective version of the main intro and melody.

Goodbyee (TTBB or SATB). Another cheerful wartime song.

Here’s a snippet of The Bridge Singers performing this in Lanercost Priory

Hey Little Hen (TTBB). It’s the “cheerful in the face of difficulties” WW2 rationing song.

Although this has been performed lots of times by Lionheart Harmony, I don’t have a recording of that, so here are some fake trombones playing it inside the computer!

I Can See Clearly Now (SATB) It’s the Johnny Nash song. Update: as of March 2023, this title has been withdrawn from sale by the sheetmusicplus website – a rights issue with the copyright owners. Maybe one day it will be restored…

A full mixdown of a lockdown “pieced together” track to help with the learning!

I’ve Never Seen A Straight Banana (SATB) Not a serious song, and one that Rock Festival Choir have sung on many occasions, including at the memorial service for our beloved Eric, but alas, no recording to share!

Jesus (SATB). It’s the Queen song.

The Bridge Singers giving Jesus a go in Brinkburn Priory, October 2022

Leaves That Are Green (SATB). It’s the Simon and Garfunkel song.

A snippet of Leaves That Are Green, performed by The Bridge Singers in Lanercost Priory.

Lovely Day (SATB) This arrangement of Bill Withers’ cheery song was made for Swarland Voices, who performed it in the summer of July 2023.

Another recording by the computer using the oboe timbre, and below is a snippet of Swarland Voices performing it in July 2023.

Misty Morning (SSAATTBB) It’s one of Bob Marley’s songs arranged in a sort-of reggae style, with lots of vocal percussion, and a slight alteration of the ending, which fades out on Bob Marley’s recording.

The Bridge Singers performed this arrangement in July 2023, then stuck with it until January 2024, when this recording was made.

Only You (TTTBBB). A song made popular by Yazoo, and also The Flying Pickets.

Lionheart Harmony performing Only You on their CD Something For The Weekend

“Right”, Said Fred (SATB) A song made popular by Bernard Cribbins.

I was asked to make this arrangement for the funeral of a friend, and it had to be mastered by the choir in two rehearsals, so it’s not too difficult!

Ring Out Solstice Bells (SATB with clapping and optional piano)

This is the unaccompanied version as performed by The Bridge Singers in January 2024, but they have also performed it with piano accompaniment.

Run For Home (SATB) A hit from Lindisfarne, a group from the north-east of England.

Somebody To Love (SATB) It’s the Freddie Mercury/Queen song.

A clip from the ending of Somebody To Love as performed by The Bridge Singers in July 2022

Sunny Afternoon (SATB) A song by The Kinks. This arrangement was made in 2023 for The Bridge Singers. They’ll be performing in summer 23, along with Days!

Here are the computer oboe and cor anglais sounds giving it a go!

Teo Torriatte (SATB) A Queen song by Brian May. Below is the original lockdown video that we made with all the problems of individual recording and mass editing together that we grappled with in the lockdowns. The video is special to The Bridge Singers though as it typifies what we went through, and tells very clearly the story of our creativity during the lockdowns of 2020. We did sing the song again in 2022, all together and making a much better sound. You can also hear a snippet of this below.

A clip of a live performance of Teo Torriatte from July 2022
I say “live” performance, but it was one of those lockdown, “recording at home” and editing together later things, but if you listen to the end, you’ll hear that we did sneak a performance in during the “meeting up outside in groups of no more than 30 and at great distance” phase of the restrictions!

The Washing On The Siegfried Line (TTBB) Another jolly wartime song.

Although this has been performed lots of times by Lionheart Harmony, I don’t have a recording of that, so here are the computer trombones being called into action again!

The Way Old Friends Do (SATB). It’s the ABBA song. The Bridge Singers sang it lots during the Zoom phase of our lifetime, and then on into 2021 when we could sing outside and together again. Here is our lockdown version of it:

When A Child Is Born (TTBB or SATB). It’s the song that in my mind is always sung by Jonny Mathis! Both versions have been performed a few times, but no recording as yet…

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