Composing With Antonio

daffodils15th August coble16th October 003IMG_0830 (2)Some composing activities inspired by Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons.

1. Wisps and Smatterings

  • 2.5 composing snippetsUsing two or more of these smatterings of Vivaldi’s seasonal music, compose a short, wispy piece of music for members of your class to play.
  • Make your composition exciting and clever by applying some of the development techniques in the box to the smatterings.development techniques



2. Seasonal Variations

  • Write a set of variations on the melody below for the instruments available in your class.
  • The variations should have the following characteristics:

Variation 1: the melody is scattered amongst the parts in a hocket-like effect

Variation 2: is in a minor key

Variation 3: changes time signature on a regular basis

Variation 4: the melody has longer note values than the accompaniment

Variation 5: the intervals are expanded and contracted

Variation 6: the time signature is all the way through

Variation 7 : is anything you like

2.5 composing melody

3. Four Personalized Seasons

  • Compose your own music to go with each season.
  • Here are some simple ideas. You can think up better ones, I’m sure, but if not, use these!

daffodils15th August coble16th October 003IMG_0830 (2)Compose cuckoo and daffoldil music.

Compose trembling, shivering, freezing cold music.

Compose some dance music for an autumn festivity.

Compose “sweltering in the sun” music.




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