Look Back!

Look back! Look round! Look geese! Look sheep!

St. Michaels

“I want them to be crying in the aisles,” declared one of the teachers.

“It should be a celebration!” smiled the other.

With these two criteria jostling for position in my composery head, I set to, writing a song for the 2015 Year 6 leavers’ assembly at St. Michael’s Academy in Flanshaw, Wakefield.

First and only stop was the children themselves. What mood did they want their song to create? Our chat went something like this:

St. Michaels (8)Sad! We’re leaving our friends!
Happy! It’s a new adventure!
The first person I met here became my instant friend. She’s still my friend.
You spend every moment with your friends.

St. Michaels (9)Let’s sing about things we’ve enjoyed.
Yeah! Like Eden Camp with the smelly round huts.
And the armouries in Leeds.
We had a sword fight!
We went on the train!
We pretended to be horses…and tripped up galloping
What about the Christmas Ball….and nativity plays? There’s been years and years of them.
I didn’t like them. I was always a sheep.
Me too!
I wrote a Potato Song.
And the River Of Raymond!

St. Michael's (21)When we first came here I thought the teachers slept at school and there were witches along the far end of the corridor.

I want to be a make-up artist, footballer, hairdresser, scientist, teacher, GT racer, singer, police officer, artist, working with dogs, gymnast, dancer, social worker, accountant, street racer.


What style should it be?
Upbeat, slow and flowing, rhythm 19,66,81,92,106,117!
(You can’t please everyone!)


With all this in my head and my notebook, this is what I came up with. They like it and sing it with enthusiasm. I like them, and have half taught it to them with enthusiasm. Hopefully this video will help with the completion of the learning process.

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  1. Tyler May 21, 2015 at 2:45 pm #

    i was one of them people I think it sounds brilliant

  2. jake May 23, 2015 at 8:11 pm #

    I’m also singing in there . Great job Mrs camm

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