Keeping His Newspapers Dry

The most popular of Cheryl’s recent “Musical Sculptures” workshops at the Hepworth Gallery, centred around Philip-Lorca diCorcia’s exhibition (Feb-June 2014) has been those featuring the bluesy song “Keeping His Newspapers Dry”. The work shows a business man walking down a rainy New York Street, talking on his phone, under his umbrella. Tucked under his arm is a bundle of newspapers (on the chair in front of the keyboard in this workshop photo by participant Tony Hill). Here’s one group, performing the song, with some rainy music composed by them beforehand and during the singing. This workshop ran several times during the course of the exhibition. In the background of this workshop picture you can see other works by diCorcia used in this series of Musical Sculptures workshops.

This man is tip-tip-tapping with his shiny shoes, on the splish-splashy mirror of a side-walk.

He’s got his sharp suit on, his wife’s on the phone but he won’t be out for long.

He’s got his umbrella up because his quiet concern is he’s keeping his newspapers dry.

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