Music Enterprise Talk

ON 7th November this year, Cheryl responded to a request from Teaching Fellow and entrepreneur Jane Nolan, to talk about her career as a composer, creative practitioner and musical educator to the students on the Musical Enterprise module at the  International Centre for Music Studies at Newcastle University. The main theme of Jane’s follow-up lecture was all about marketing strategies, so Cheryl discussed several of the strategies she herself had tried over the years, as well as playing musical examples from her Youtube channel, seapieparcel  This website was also discussed as well as other forays into the social media world and the successes and draw-backs of that and other strategies. The 60 or so music  students were attentive, and one smiled encouragingly! Several aspects of this were fantastic though – Jane’s lecture about marketing was fantastic and gave Cheryl lots of ideas about further marketing strategies and things to consider. Also fabulous and versatile Northeast singer Anna Reay was there promoting her own concert which is coming up at the end of November, and she was a fascinating kindred spirit to meet. Check out her website here:   And finally, it was a sunny, so very sunny day in Newcastle and the Armstrong Building in which this lecture took place was displayed in all its red, Victorian finery to splendid effect.

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